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  • Liu Wei

    Assistant to the Chairman of microdiag Executive director of Beijing Kuike

    Assistant to the Chairman of microdiag, Executive director of Beijing Kuike


    Mr. Liu Wei is responsible for the management of major cooperation projects.. He once served as Vice President and Director of Marketing Department of Genghis Khan Airlines. He has rich market resources and channels, as well as good key customer development and sales management capabilities.

  • Zhang Jinxia

    laboratory consultant

    laboratory consultant

    Master, Chief Physician

    He specializes in the pathological diagnosis of clinical pathology and tumor diseases, especially the clinical pathological diagnosis of breast, thyroid, digestive, respiratory and genitourinary diseases. He has won a number of scientific and technological progress awards and published more than 50 papers. Academic appointments: Director of Clinical Pathology Specialist Branch of Beijing Medical Doctor Association; Standing Committee Member of Beijing Cancer Pathology Accurate Diagnosis Research Association; Member of Pathology Expert Committee of Beijing Cancer Society; Member of the Pathology Branch of the Association for the Advancement of Medicine; visiting professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

  • Baiyunfeng

    medical advisor

    medical advisor

    Doctor, Deputy Chief Physician

    Mr. Bai Yunfeng has been engaged in the clinical work and scientific research of liver disease for more than 20 years. He is mainly devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and clinical research of liver disease with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and is especially good at the treatment of liver cancer with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. He has presided over and participated in a number of major national scientific research projects, and published more than 30 papers in international and domestic academic journals. Academic positions: He is currently a member of the Youth Committee of the Interventional Oncology Professional Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, a member of the Youth Committee of the Liver Tumor Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of International Exchange of Healthcare, and a director of the Oncology Branch of the Chinese Association for Ethnic Medicine.

  • Tumor genetic testing, major infectious disease testing

    Clinical cytomolecular genetics, clinical immunity, serological testing

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