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    9/18/27/108 BT-CRISPR Pathogen - Rapid Detection of Pathogens in Critically Infected Patients

    Kuike Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd., founded in July 2016, is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing, with a total registered capital of 15 million yuan and an operating area of 1,500 square meters. The laboratory is committed to building a platform-based testing service organization with "new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models". It is adjacent to Beijing's West Fifth Ring Road and located on the fourth floor of Beijing Shijingshan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It is the only laboratory in Shijingshan District, Beijing. A third-party medical laboratory.

  • 15 million yuan

    Registered capital

  • 1500

    Business area

  • Development

    As an independent third-party medical testing center, Kuike Laboratory conducts: clinical cytomolecular genetics, clinical immunology, serological testing and other common medical laboratory subjects, focusing on liver disease-related testing services, and also provides services related to oncology. Genetic testing, testing services related to major infectious diseases, adhering to the development concept of "faster, higher, stronger", aims to create "faster testing services, higher standard quality system, stronger after-sales support" "Target third-party precision medicine testing center.

    Professional, fast and high-quality medical testing technology and services

    In accordance with the requirements of ISO 15189:2012, the inspection institute has established a complete laboratory quality management system. A standardized immunology and molecular medicine laboratory of 800 square meters has been established, aiming to provide professional, rapid and high-quality medical testing technology and services. Provide standardized medical testing services and create a first-class technical service platform.

    The laboratory participates in various inter-laboratory quality assessment activities of the Beijing Clinical Inspection Center and the National Clinical Inspection Center every year, mainly including EGFR, KRAS, BRAF and other gene mutation detection projects; EGFR gene mutation detection liquid biopsy projects, HPV (16/18 ) genotyping project, nucleic acid detection of new coronavirus, and the inter-laboratory quality evaluation of each project passed with full marks, and the quality and level of the detection were recognized by major hospitals.


    Tumor genetic testing, major infectious disease testing

    Clinical cytomolecular genetics, clinical immunity, serological testing

  • Hotline: 010-68662799

  • Address:Building 2, Yard 6, Stadium South Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing

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