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    The CTC detection system for circulating tumor cells - Evaluation of treatment for metastatic patients - is dedicated to exploring opportunities for secondary treatment for metastatic patients.

    Shanghai Dowell Medical Laboratory is currently one of the laboratories with a growing volume of testing business in Shanghai. The company was founded in 2015 and is positioned as one of the four new enterprises in Shanghai, with a focus on "new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models".

    As an independent third-party medical testing center, this laboratory relies on the strong research and development capabilities of the company, and uses the company's self-developed CTC-scSEQ/detection of metastatic drug-resistant cancer cells to optimize treatment plans. Focusing on the treatment evaluation of metastatic patients.

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  • Fudan Huashan Infection Department Team

    Dowell Medical Laboratory has in-depth cooperation with the Fudan Huashan Infection Department team. The pathogenic microorganism infection technology and bioinformatics analysis are provided by the F

  • Fudan University Affiliated Cancer Hospital

    Dowell Medical Laboratory has in-depth cooperation with the precision tumor center team of Fudan University Affiliated Cancer Hospital to realize the clinical application of multi-gene detection progr

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    Microdiag "Gong Jinqing" is used for accurate screening of cervical cancer, providing more convenient detection methods for the early diagnosis of TCT positive, CIN2, and CIN3, so as to more accurately and effectively judge whether further invasive diagnosis and intervention measures are needed, Avoid over-examination and treatment. Only 10% of pulmonary nodules found by low-dose CT are eventually transformed into lung cancer, and a large number of patients with small nodules are followed up. "CT-Mate™" is used for the detection of small nodules under 1 cm, improving the early detection rate of lung cancer, and early cervical cancer in hospitals. , Lung cancer project as an entry point, gradually increase the construction of pathogenic microorganisms and infection specialists, and drive hospital outpatient and treatment income.
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    Laboratory testing platform and service introduction

    Dowell Medical Laboratory has obtained PCR certificates in all majors and obtained inter-laboratory quality assessment certificates over the years. It has carried out common medical laboratory subjects including clinical molecular genetics, clinical immune serology testing, molecular pathology and other majors, providing professional fast, High-quality laboratory medicine and pathological medicine testing technologies, services and products. At present, the medical inspection institute has a reasonable and comprehensive personnel echelon. Professionals with senior professional titles have joined them. Their majors cover clinical medicine, biomedicine, medical examination, pathology, food hygiene, computer science, business management and other majors. On the basis of a professional technical team, standard experimental management and diagnostic techniques are applied to provide standardized medical testing and pathological diagnosis services, creating a first-class clinical and pathological technical service platform.

    The inspection institute has established a complete laboratory quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15189 and CAP. A 1500m” standardized molecular medicine laboratory has been established, equipped with LightCycler480 practical fluorescence quantitative amplification instrument, Ion ProtonM Sequencer desktop genome sequencer, Nano2000 nucleic acid quantifier and a series of modern molecular experimental instruments.

    Dowell Medical Laboratory has the new crown record, has the new crown testing qualification, and can provide personnel nucleic acid testing, food, environmental testing, emergency door-to-door testing services, etc.

    Adhering to the concept of "Technology, Blessing Health"

    Shanghai Duwei Medical Laboratory is determined to serve our customers

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  • Address: No. 80, Pingye Road, Caojing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai

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